I’m a young person who wants to travel the world and see as much as possible. Unfortunately, traveling can be expensive. In addition to the expected airline ticket and hotel expenses, the food, taxis, and other unexpected costs just add up and sometimes make it not feasible. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Europe, where cities such as Copenhagen are as much as five times the cost of living as in North America. Despite this, if you plan properly, you can actually explore Europe for a reasonable cost! Don’t believe me? Read our list of 5 cities in Europe that can be handled reasonably!

1. Prague

This city is simply a no-brainer. Merely a reasonable train ride away from most Western Europe cities, Prague has everything that the major cities such as London and Paris have except at a fraction of the cost! A first world city situated in largely a second world country, I haven’t seen friendlier people anywhere. The citizens are very proud of their beautiful city and will be happy to point you to the city’s hot spots. At one restaurant I had a 3 course meal with a beer for 15 euros! That is difficult to beat.

2. Amalfi Coast

Italy is known for its Limoncello. In fact, many of the restaurants in Italy will include this delicious dessert liquer with a sit-down meal. The Amalfi coast includes the towns of Amalfi, Positano, and Sorento. This is where the best, cheapest Limoncello can be found. Large bottles of this famous drink are sold for only a few Euros. Just be sure you don’t exceed the size allowed on your plane ride home!

3. Mykonos

This Greek city is situated along a beautiful coastline. With the current state of the Greek economy, this city is easily a cheap and affordable stop. The people are friendly, the windmills are beautiful, and the food is delicious and affordable. Once you get here, it actually is easy to enjoy the scenery without spending a dime. If you enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean coast, this city is for you.

4. Bamberg

One of the smaller and lesser known German cities, in many locations the beer in this town is cheaper than water. I know people are currently frowning that in Europe water frequently isn’t free; however, how can you not be happy with that cheap delicious beer that Germany is famous for? In addition, the food is delicious and comes at a reasonable coast. Therefore, if you’re down for an adventure, Bamberg is worth a look!

5. Vienna

While many people overlook this beautiful location, be sure you don’t miss this town. The Vienna sausage if every bit as delicious as it is proclaimed to be and the people are eager to show off their city to the many visitors and tourists that come through! A short train ride away from most European countries, this city is worth your time!

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