You have planned your next trip and you can´t believe that you are finally going to do Tokyo. Well, you have your ticket there and you have your travel partner, but do you know what you are doing while there?

5 Foods to Try when you do Tokyo

When you go to Tokyo with a passion for cuisine, there is no way that you won’t want to eat in as many places as possible. More importantly, you will want to try everything from Unagi, fugu sashimi, tokanstu to of course, Ramen, and delicious matcha desserts.

Anyone who travels abroad without trying the local dishes must be out of their mind and Japan boasts of some downright scrumptious dishes.


This tasty green tea is used in a number of Japanese dishes and the Japanese are experts on making desserts out of it. You must try it at least once on your trip, although we think you’ll be eating it daily.

Fugu sashimi

In most places, this dish could be considered deadly, but not in Japan. Don’t worry, this venomous blowfish won’t cause any harm to you as the Japanese only allow it to be served by a licensed blowfish chef. You hard that right, a LICENSED fugu chef.

While you may not be up to putting your life on the line for an exotic dish, if you visit a qualified restaurant, the flavor of this dish may “be worth it. “


We all know packaged ramen, but Japanese ramen is something completely different. Full of flavor and ingredients, it is a satisfying and delicious dish you must have.


This delicious breaded pork dish may catch you by surprise with its fabulous and flavorful taste. When accompanied by cabbage and miso soup, this is a meal you will never forget.


Mmm, this river eel cooked with a sweet sauce that is reminiscent of barbeque flavors will make you want to go back for more, again and again.

Must-Do’s in Japan

Whether you are visiting Japan with food as your number one priority, here are some other things you must do while traveling as you often do is to visit the best sites and things to do in the city.

If you aren´t on business, there is no reason why you wouldn´t. Here are two contrasting ideas for you to try:

Meji Shrine

If you are looking for somewhere to visit that is highly traditional and that will give a glimpse into the culture, Meji Shrine is a must-visit. This shrine is in honor of the spirits Emperor Meji and his wife and interestingly enough is where many people like to get married (there is an idea to think about).

Whether you go while there is a wedding in procession and observe the old traditions of Japan or you simply go to visit the beautiful and captivating grounds, it will be an experience you will be pleased to experience.


Maybe something on the modern side? Harajuku is a station, but also has some pretty interesting things going on nearby.

Have you ever heard of Harajuku girls? While this isn’t a site to visit, it can be a taste of another culture and way of dressing that you don´t see every day.

Some people think this style of dress may be cute, while others consider it eclectic and wacky. One thing is for certain, you won´t see fashion like this anywhere else.

Tokyo is such an amazing city that offers visitors a glimpse at highly traditional and futuristically modern customs and culture.

Japan is a beautiful country indeed. But it is on the other side of the world. Don’t forget to save money while booking cheap flight tickets.

And share your experience with us!