Brazil is now identical with skimpily clad women and priming habits; from the beach to Carnival, Brazilian women have confidence in what they own. It helps that not only are they born in the best country, but also live in that nation with the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The beach is the destination for tourists and Brazilians alike, and, luckily, there are much beautiful of them in the country. Famous for its malarious white sand as much as its beautiful women in tiny bikinis, Brazil is proud of its coastline stretches that are unique and spectacular. With plenty of beaches to decide on, it may seem overwhelming to choose on one! This list of six guides you in your selections – but take care! You may want to tour all of them, so plan your trip well.

1. Praia dos Sancho

This beach is the all-year-round scene in Brazil. It is the most populated beach among all and considered by most as the best beach in the world. Just four hours ride from Natal, this beach is part of the popular chain of islands forming the 350 kilometers of Marine Park in the north coast of Brazil. It is referred to as paradise. It is one of the beaches in the world that offer great diving opportunities.

2. Alter do Chao Beach

This is another marginal choice of beautiful beaches in Brazil, but this one-of-a-kind location is one of the richest rewards for the brave in the Amazon wilderness. This beach is located on an island, about 23 miles from Santarem rainforest city. If the Amazon Jungle is the “green fire” then this beach is the silver paradise: the beach is the welcome reprieve after a week in the wilderness. Sprawl in the seashore with fresh-grilled sea fish in the morning delight and hideaway into a well-deserved respite.

3. Jericoacoara, Ceará

It is commonly known as “the Jeri,” this superfluous township lies in Ceará state. Bounded between sand dunes and lagoons, it is the best location for those owning yachts. Notwithstanding this, the township has kept its simple charm in aid of the strict building rules. Kitesurfing and windsurfing will be a popular activity for those who do not own a yacht.

4. Lopes Mendes

South of Rio Verde, Ilha Grande Island harbors the lush trees and boasts the swathes of sand. No one such beach other than the Lopes Mendes, a 2-mile remote terrain of sand prevalent with surfers. The coast is washed by crystal blue, warm waters.

5. Praia de Pipa

Long ago this beach was a fishing joint. In the 1970s, travelers discovered the true nature of this place and made it a vacationer mecca. It became a stop for international visitors and a gate-away weekend for locals. It is among the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

6. Lençóis Maranhenses

Even though it is not a real beach in this case in the modern case, it is one of the unique places that are worthy of travel in Brazil. It is a beach spotted with numerous lagoon spots with vast dunes; tourists can swim in those bowl-made-pools during the day.

Do you like beaches? Check out this article and plan the trip of your dreams!

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