For those who don’t know, Oslo is located in Norway. I realize some people may be struggling, so Norway is in Scandinavia. For those of us who are still looking for Scandinavia on a map, it’s a very cold place in Northern Europe. So why exactly would you travel to a place that’s frigid cold? Furthermore, visiting Oslo in the winter is a greater challenge. Norway is home to some of the most friendly people inhabiting a beautiful country with scenery unlike any other on Earth. While this is a major upside, it can be a challenge to tackle this country during the winter. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of attractions you can enjoy in the cold!

1. Natural History Museum

Norway’s Natural History Museum contains some of the most beautiful sites in the entire country. With a number of exhibits both indoor and outdoor, the public can come to enjoy some of the wonders that nature has to offer. Even better, much of this exhibit is indoors! Therefore, can you come visit the attractions while warming up!

2. Fram Museum

Unlike the Natural History Museum, this museum needs some defining. Fram is a beautiful wooden ship that is unbelievably sturdy. In fact, it holds the records for sailing the farthest both North and South! Come enjoy this exhibit and see exactly what this amazing ship is made of. Also indoors, you can come in here to warm up as well.

3. Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower

This exhibit happens to be outdoors. For those out there who don’t often watch the Olympics, Norway has a history of dominating the Winter Olympic Games. When you come see this behemoth of a ski tower you will come to understand why. This ski jump has been standing for over a century, ensuring Norway maintains its strong legacy in the Winter games. Did I mention how large it is?

4. Viking Ship Museum

Scandinavia is home to the ancient peoples colloquially referred to as the Vikings. This museum contains some of the oldest ships imaginable. The Vikings were a traditionally strong seafaring people who crafted masterpieces out of wood that could withstand some of the strongest seas. Come warm up and enjoy these maritime exhibits!

5. TusenFryd Amusement Park

After enjoying the educational exhibits, come check out one of the largest amusement parks this city has to offer! Filled with rides enjoyed by all ages, you’ll quickly forget how cold it is outside as you enjoy the rush of these attractions!

6. Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

As the sun sets early, come to the opera house to see a show! Beautiful dances and operas are performed at this awe inspiring location throughout the year. These shows are not to be missed!

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