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Traveling the world
Plan Your Wanderlust Traveling may seem like a big commitment to make in terms of planning, money, and time, but is, undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can make. The best is when you can travel the world with your girl or guy. There is nothing quite like experiencing the new and different than with someone that you care...
How to choose between Hostel or AirBnb
Where Do I Stay While Traveling the World? One of your life goals must be traveling the world. Obviously, you are having some of the same fears as everyone else wanting to travel the world. Where do I stay? Are hostels safe, because I have seen the movie? Is AirBnb legit? Have you ever stayed in one? Which is cheaper?...
thailand tourism
3 Cities You Must Visit in Thailand Just the word "Thailand" conjures up images of beautiful beaches, tropical jungles, and vibrant nightlife. One of the best things about Thailand tourism is that you can have the time of your life on a shoestring budget. Here are our recommendations for the three best cities to visit in Thailand. Bangkok Thailand's capital city is...
Choosing the Right Rail Pass for Your Trip It does not necessarily mean you have to be a travel expert to do some simple things like choosing the perfect destination for your trip. But when it comes to rails, you have to look beyond the basics. I once went for a rail trip, and it did not end well for...
Best of China
Selecting the Three Best Cities in China Many people who travel to China stay on the Eastern Coast and visit only the two megacities of Beijing and Shanghai, or perhaps take a trip down to Hong Kong. China is slightly larger than the United States in geographic area and while much of the population is on the East Coast, there...
I'm a youthful traveler who likes to see all this world has to offer. Furthermore, I'm down for beach town getaway anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, the saying is that the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location. Furthermore, beach town property has about the best location imaginable. Therefore, beach getaways can be very expensive. If this...
Small Towns in America
If you tired of the rat race of life in the city, then there are many small towns in America that you need to check out. You may arrive in these towns as a stranger but you will leave as a friend. Most are filled with beautiful places to photograph, so do not forget your travel lenses. Choose the...
Costa Rica
Everyone enjoys going to tropical paradises. With crystal blue water, stunning shore lines, and warm weather that cannot be beat, these destinations are easy choices for everyone. Doing it for a reasonable cost, but Costa Rica is definitely on the list. With a myriad of options for people of all ages and desires, there are many different attractions in one...
Beautiful beaches in Brazil
Brazil is now identical with skimpily clad women and priming habits; from the beach to Carnival, Brazilian women have confidence in what they own. It helps that not only are they born in the best country, but also live in that nation with the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is the destination for tourists and Brazilians alike,...
Myths about Cruise Ships
There are many options out there for people looking to take vacations. Some people prefer to have a "stay-cation" at home instead of traveling somewhere new. Others prefer a trip to the mountains. Even more people look for ways to go overseas or travel abroad. In this category, the tropics are a popular spot due to the beautifully warm...




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