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Low Cost Flights
When you are traveling solo it is often a good idea to take advantage of low cost flights as well as standby opportunities. The best way to keep up-to-date on notification of these flights is to add your email address to both flight price tracking sites and airfare consolidators. Both can provide you with frequent, accurate information on flight pricing...
Stay with AirBnb
The Solo Traveler: stay with AirBnb? If you love the adventure of discovering new places, meeting new people and experiencing a different cultures don't put off going just because you don't have a travel partner. It pays to be smart about your plans and do a little research and develop an itinerary to do the things you have always wanted...
Daily expenses: South America
Why South America Is The Perfect Destination For Budget Travelers Enjoying The Experience On A Budget The countries of South America have some of the most beautiful land in the world. Their rich and diverse cultures reflect the blending of heritages is simply a joy for everyone to see. Traveling abroad is often an expensive endeavor but South American countries are...
How to choose between Hostel or AirBnb
Where Do I Stay While Traveling the World? One of your life goals must be traveling the world. Obviously, you are having some of the same fears as everyone else wanting to travel the world. Where do I stay? Are hostels safe, because I have seen the movie? Is AirBnb legit? Have you ever stayed in one? Which is cheaper?...
Best of China
Selecting the Three Best Cities in China Many people who travel to China stay on the Eastern Coast and visit only the two megacities of Beijing and Shanghai, or perhaps take a trip down to Hong Kong. China is slightly larger than the United States in geographic area and while much of the population is on the East Coast, there...

How to tip in Europe

Tip in Europe
Leaving a Tip in Europe When we leave gratuities in our home country, we feel comfortable with the knowledge of knowing exactly what each service should be rewarded with if done to our satisfaction, and especially if service exceeds our expectations. But when figuring what to tip in Europe, it is important to our peace of mind to know we are...
backpackers gadgets
What To Look For In Backpacking Gadgets When I shop for backpackers gadgets to take on a hiking excursion or camping trip, the gear I look for must pass my 3-point check list: it should be something I truly need for trip safety and survival, it should be easy to use and simple to set up, and it should be...
A selection of cheao luxury hotels
When travelling abroad, you may be surprise in knowing that are very affordable, five and six star hotels. You don’t have to spend $250 and up to get the crème of the crop you could try this out. Surprising some of the cheapest luxury hotels can run the price of a four star hotel. And furthermore, obtaining the most affordable...
Airport Expenses
There is a huge world out there and I want to see all of it. Despite my dream, I'm quickly realizing how expensive traveling is. So many hidden fees, costs, and unexpected obstacles in addition to the plane tickets, hotels, and food. I've tried alternative forms of travel and lodging, but traveling by sailboat and sleeping among trees under...
Cliche but true: time and travel agents will help you Rule number one if you want to buy cheap flight tickets: if you're certain of your destination and agenda, do not wait to buy your flight ticket. Usually prices are cheaper if you buy them in advance. Travel agents have access to specific softwares to look for cheap flight tickets. Also, they...




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