The Solo Traveler: stay with AirBnb?

If you love the adventure of discovering new places, meeting new people and experiencing a different cultures don’t put off going just because you don’t have a travel partner. It pays to be smart about your plans and do a little research and develop an itinerary to do the things you have always wanted to do. The first subject to think about, after where you want to go and your travel budget, is lodging.
AirBnb is the latest trend allowing travelers to “Live” in the city they want to visit. Rather than booking a pricey hotel, consider renting a private apartment, settle in on your own, cook a meal if you wish and enjoy your destination without worrying about room service or being disturbed by others.


People all over the world have listed their private apartments and homes on AirBnb for travelers to use. You can call AirBnb and they can give you a list of available places during the time you want to go. To get started and stay with AirBnb here is a website that will answer your questions and give you some basic information: How Airbnb Works.
If you are considering a destination in Europe a well known expert, Rick Steves ,offers tips on traveling solo. You can learn more on his website. Of course the internet provides ample resources for many travel choices. Also check Cointur for great information for travelers. Another recommendation is The Top 50 Travel Blogs – The Expeditioner Travel Site.
Let’s say you have decided to go to Paris in April and stay for a week and AirBnb has found you a chic one bedroom apartment in Montmarte. It is surrounded by charming restaurants, clubs and shopping. You can walk the city and enjoy the sites and have dinner at one of the cafes or restaurants on your way home.
This is what it means to stay with AirBnb. You can completely come and go at your leisure and have a comfortable and affordable place to stay while you experience life in any city. 
You can look up just about anything to do with AirBnb on the internet and find a list of topics to provide more details. Stay with AirBnb on your next trip and enjoy living your dream.
Don’t forget to use our budget spreadsheet to plan your trip!