If you’re looking to have a vacation that is eco-friendly, it can be a challenge. Green vacation seems to be a distant idea. After all, nowadays it seems that everything involves jetting around in planes, automobiles, or worse. However, there are many options you have when it comes to enjoying yourself in a natural way while you’re travelling.

Green Vacation Ideas

1. Hike Through Cayambe-Coca National Park

Located in Ecuador, this is no ordinary park. Visitors can indulge in hot springs, see the tallest waterfall in Ecuador, and catch a glimpse of ancient structures older than the Incas, such as the Sun temple and Moon temple. Best of all, it’s a completely green vacation.

2. Organic Farm

Did you know that you can now volunteer on organic farms virtually anywhere in the world? What’s more, you can often book packages that will include lessons on how to plant and grow your own garden. Not only is it good fun, but it’s a life skill you can take with you anywhere!

3. Eco Hostel in Honduras

Honduras is known for its natural beauty and surfing beaches. However, there are many vehicles powered by gas that you probably want to avoid if you’re travelling green. That’s why a perfect option for you is to stay at an eco-friendly hostel, hotel, or B&B so that you can escape the craziness and enjoy a slower pace.

4. Biking in Barcelona

Known for its Mediterranean weather, sparkling water, and delicious Spanish cuisine, this city is a great destination for any organic traveller with wanderlust. The winding trails and mountains above Barcelona offer natural vistas that are some of the best in the world.

5. Pick Coffee in Colombia

Colombia is perhaps the South American country most known for amazing coffee. And the best part is that many of the growers run a green, organic operation. Often times you can take walking tours through the plantations and pick your very own coffee beans!

6. Jungle Living

Brazil offers eco tours in which you can hike through the Amazon on foot with your very own guide. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to get in touch with the Earth. (Also, find out what we learned from Rio 2016 Olympics!)

7. Japanese Nirvana

Japan has over 26 categories of recycling for their waste. That’s the sign of a country that respects Mother Earth. Simply put, any green excursion in Japan is going to go well.

8. Montana Trot

Montana is known for its wide open ranges and horses. You can book a package that will allow you to ride one for a whole day. Then, you aren’t spewing out gas and other chemicals from a car while you enjoy your views.

9. Cloud Nine

This green trip takes you back to Ecuador, which boasts many cloud forests near its mountains. Book a room at one of the many, exotic eco-hotels and then proceed to spend your day hiking through the forest, watching birds, and even helping to cultivate and conserve land.

10. Oaxaca, Mexico

This capital city is known for its organic chocolates. Delight in the flavors as you taste the different varieties from the farmer’s markets.

When it comes to green travel, you really can have it all. You can have fun, enjoy new cultures, and be in nature rather than in a machine. Use the list above to inspire you to take your next vacation in way you’ll never forget.

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