How To Travel Alone: Take Plenty of Pictures or Videos of The Journey

There is something magical about loading the car and heading to a new destination. Whether you choose to board a plane or take a road trip, you want to document your journey. 
Travel videos are the perfect way to show the rest of the world what you are doing. If you have not found your significant other, or you want to do a solo trip, you can have just as much fun alone as you can with a group of people. The idea is to know where to go and who to mingle with. Here are some tips to make your next solo vacation a hit. 

Meet New People Through Group Tours

One of the best ways for you to enjoy a solo excursion is to join a tour group. It can be an enthralling experience to meet new people and to bond with some out-of-towners. The best part about tour groups is you split the costs with others, yet you still get some privacy.
If you are concerned about being lonely or not feeling 100 percent safe, then you will like the security in numbers. Whether exploring an area or hurling down white water rapids, having new faces is nice. However, when you want to be alone, you can always head back to your hotel. Why not video any excursions and post it on social media for all your friends to see?

Travel to A Grand Beach

No one ever feels alone at the beach. There are tons of people mingling or just enjoying the sun. Beaches are one place that it is perfectly safe for you to be alone with nature. Bring along a great book, a picnic basket and leave technology back at the hotel. You will find peace and solitude being alone to commune with Mother Nature. You can take plenty of pictures while sitting there watching the waves crashing along the shore. 

Learn To Travel Inexpensively

Whether you want a 4-star hotel or a hostel that is a budget buster, make sure you have a great time. When it comes to making videos or pictures for your big trip, you may be confused. The best answer is it is important to do both. Pictures and videos can be used by different platforms.
All your social media friends will enjoy both the videos and still shots of your excursions. However, most have a preference as to which type of vacation slides they like to see. Keep your travel videos short and sweet, and take as many photographs as possible. You want to be envied by all. Oh and by the way, if you need a travel sheet to help keep expenses in-line, you can download that here.
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